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Welcome to the web site

of the Central Office to Promote Equal Opportunities for Women (ZGF) Regional Government of Bremen - Germany


our mission statement in brief:

The Bremen Central Office to Promote Equal Opportunities for Women is a branch of the Regional Government of Bremen. Our job is to monitor women´s rights, inside and outside of local government, and work to achieve gender equality as laid down in the constitution.

Our German version also covers the subjects

* We advise women and look into all cases of discrimination
* We act in an advisory capacity to influence legislative planning in favour of girls and women
* We encourage all efforts at local, regional and national levels to improve conditions for women
* We publish information leaflets, brochures and handbooks on key issues
* We cooperate with women´s and girls´ organisations to support and encourage their work
* We promote networking between these organisations in the areas of expertise, and between the city boroughs
* We carry out publicity and political public relations work to promote the status of women and strengthen their cause